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Programming infrastructure:

Supporting infrastructure:

Server Requirements:

  • Microsoft SQL Server as default instance on port 14016 allowing remote IP (Setting default instance).
  • FTP server on port 21 with write access to c:\ftps\compose

  • Build CBs
  • Build Demands
  • CalcProcesses
  • Optimize Project
  • CalcResults

Server Setup
  • Install SQL server, mixed authentication
  • Rename sa account
  • Firewall inbound 14016
  • Router port forward 14016 to host
  • Set SQL Server Configuration Manager Login as Network Service
  • Set SQL Server Configuration Manager TCP/IP protocals port 14016
  • Copy backups and restore cdb, cdbid, energyinteractive
  • Run autofix on users on ALL three databases

USE EnergyInteractive
EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Auto_Fix', 'username', NULL, 'password'

  • Make user bulk admin

  • Install filezilla server
  • Copy the two zilla xml files to server folder
  • Open firewall for filezilla program
  • create folder ftps/compose
  • Copy test.dll to ftp folder
  • Copy networktest.sql to ftp folder

  • install, source, backup not beskrevet
  • Copy COMPOSE folder minus cdb? Location important?
  • Setup webserver EnergyInteractive?